I’m Bishop keys

I am a very passionate and dedicated musician. I am a singer, pianist, songwriter, choir director, musicologist, staff music composer and arranger, music instructor, guitarist, drummer, studio engineer and an audio engineer.

I trained in the popular PEFTI Film Institute Lagos, Lagos State of Nigeria where I studied Music Technology and came out as the best graduating student of my set with a National Innovative Diploma. Presently I am still studying music at the degree level. I have worked as an audio engineer at Christ Family Ministries www.Christfamilyministries.org for about a decade now.

On a general note, I choose to call myself a musician. In all these , nothing is so fulfilling than when I begin to sing and worship God who I know personally as my loving father and a good good father who non compares to. He is the reason I am singing.

Beyond a career, music is my life and the biggest favour God has done me; that I can sing for Him.

To lead men and women in worship helping them see God’s true person of LOVE and who he has made them here on earth because, as He is in heaven, so are we here on earth.

To Preach the beautiful message of our Lord Jesus Christ in songs and music renditions with signs and wonders accompanying…

Excellence which is getting the best out of what is available.

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